Romance Writer Roslyn Holcomb Says She Would Have Shot Trans Woman In Planet Fitness Locker Room | The TransAdvocate

I get that many feminists are extremely anti trans* people. I also understand at least some of their reasoning in this regard and I think that we as a trans* community have a long way to go in breaking down barriers between us and our sisters in that community. I think many of us need to think about our attitudes and behaviours. We are by no means perfect and some of us are sexist and misogynistic with frankly weird ideas about women, femininity and what it actually means to be a woman. However none of this excuses this level of bigotry and hate. I am astounded and saddened. All that I can hope is that she has been misquoted somehow.

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I have no words for this level of hate…


Romance Writer Roslyn Holcomb Says She Would Have Shot Trans Woman In Planet Fitness Locker Room | The TransAdvocate:

“One of the fairly regular commenters on GenderTrender is Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, a published writer of color. She’s been interviewed by USA Today, she has twenty-three books reviewed on Goodreads, and you can buy her books on Amazon. Basically, she’s a moderately well known author in the romance genre.

She apparently is also a trans exclusionary radical feminist, abbreviated as TERF.

Holcomb made a comment on the GenderTrender post ‘We must look, act and live the part’ about the Planet Fitness story. In the comment, Holcomb writes that if she were still carrying a gun she’d shoot visibly trans women in gym locker rooms.”

(Via. The Transadvocate)

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  1. You have a good honest and balanced view. Having now researched this quite a bit, it looks to me like a classic divide and conquer setup. Angry transwomen are railing at feminists demanding unconditional validation (not going to happen), angry feminists are demanding transwomen accept the identity of “effeminate men” (not going to happen), while a happy band of rich white conservative men are shafting the lot of us and laughing all the way to the bank…

    How different the world might be if ordinary folks could just master the art of saying “I disagree with you there, but that’s cool. Now, shall we turn all our rage on the real enemy here?” I could live with that sort of compromise…

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