Is a Garage Still a Man’s World?

This is very illuminating. Sexist attitudes are deeply entrenched in society. Given these entrenched values it is no wonder that trans* gender people are so afraid of ‘coming out’. The risk of losing this socio-economic advantage is simply too great. Once we tackle sexism we may all be free to fully express ourselves and all our nuances.

My Life Journey

Joining a garage as a Director a few years ago gave me a total culture shock. I really shouldn’t have been surprised, or should I?   In  previous employment I just took it as fact that Mr / Mrs so and so was in charge, therefore I expected the same. Instead I felt like everyone who came in – from sales reps to customers saw a woman as a receptionist, or an office worker. When they asked to speak to the boss they seemed surprised when I said that was me. Over time I have overcome  a lot of gender issues and on the whole, I am now taken seriously.  I make no secret of the fact that I am not a mechanic and expect those who are, to explain technical queries when required. I have found that when dealing with issues – sometimes my gender comes in handy and there…

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