Referring to women

As many of you know, it can be quite tricky referring to trans* people and non trans* people. The usual binaries of man/woman, male/female, he/she etc just break down too quickly.

This has led to a number of abbreviations that try and make communication easier. One of these is GG for genetic girl, used to describe a female person who was born a female. This is all very well, but, I do think that it is rather condescending. It necessarily denies the person her seniority and adulthood. Now in a community whose members regularly call themselves ‘gurls’, ‘girls’ ‘t-girls’ etc this may seem inconsequential, but I do not think we have a right to take away someone else’s identity. It is hardly surprising that we have such a bad record with some feminists when we so blithely undermine women in this way.

I therefore think we should find another descriptor. How does CGW (cis-gender woman) sound? Is this not a better more respectful and appropriate term?


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  1. My initial reaction to this was ‘oh no not another acronym!’. But you make a good point in relation to respect. I don’t have a problem with the term you propose, since it is commonly understood by people familiar with the trans discourse. But perhaps abbreviations are also disrespectful, since they obscure, and exclude those who are not familiar with the language and discourse. Depends very much on context!

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  2. I don’t really like GG because along with “genetic girl” I have heard it defined as “genuine girl”, as if trans* women are not genuine or legitimate. A CD friend of mine refers to “GGs” as “LGs”….Lucky Girls.

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  3. I avoid conversational distinctions between trans women and cis women unless they are directly relevant to the topic at hand. In that case I tend to use cis or genetic. I also kinda have a knee jerk bleh reaction to gurl, etc. It sounds so infantilizing.

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