Coffee! What is a girl to do?

All the North American hotels I have stayed in have filter coffee machines in the rooms, with good coffee as the result.
All hotels I have stayed in in Europe, have a kettle and instant coffee. Less good.
When will Europeans realise the loss?
Next time perhaps I should fly en femme and smuggle the filter coffee in as my boobs? Being a crossdresser has its advantages sometimes. Now just got to figure out how to get the machine in.
Of course being a South African means that having electricity with which to make coffee, no matter how bad, is a bit of a novelty!



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  1. Yuk, instant and filter coffee! You need a small high quality coffee house with good freshly ground beans prepared by an experienced barista. Europe definitely has those.


  2. No electricity? What you need is a coffee press! They make the best coffee ever — although you have to supply hot water. (Recently recovered caffeine junky, here.)

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  3. What? N. America has a lead in something cultural? I’m shocked. Of course, there are better ways to make coffee… as mentioned.

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  4. There certainly are ‘better’ ways to make coffee, but for a very good compromise between taste and ease of use in a hotel room whilst travelling internationally, filter is right up there and it certainly beats instant which is the usual fare in even ‘good’ hotels in South Africa.


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